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JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 7: Environmentally friendly toilet paper is used in the toilets before lthe Live Earth concert at the Coca-Cola Dome on July 7, 2007 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Live Earth is a 24-hour, 7-continent concert series taking place on 7/7/07, bringing together more than 100 music artists and 2 billion people to trigger a global movement to solve the climate crisis. (Photo by Nadine Hutton /Getty Images)

A group of friends went searching for a lost phone and when they got word of buzzing coming from a Porta Potty they found it, still powered on, at the bottom of the disgusting public toilet.

“We searched for an hour plus for my friend’s phone to have someone tell us they heard buzzing while in the porta potty. We went over and pinged it off of her watch and called it to make sure it was inside. She dug it out and somehow the phone was still on, it sadly didn’t make it!”

Would you ever do this? I wouldn’t! Even if I was your best friend!