The coronavirus pandemic has altered many aspects of our lives, and now it has spilled over to affecting America’s pepperoni supply.

According to the New York Post, pepperoni prices are now skyrocketing. “COVID-19 has forced meat processors to ‘streamline’ operations and hampered their ability to produce pepperoni, leading to higher prices for small pizzerias around the country.”

For example, for some pizza places in South Dakota, the topping has jumped from $2,87 a pound to $4.12. In New York, sites are paying $6 a pound when in 2019, they paid $4.

With more people staying home, the demand for pizza has also increased. The Post¬†adds that fortunately, large chains like Papa Johns and Domino’s aren’t affected because they pay set rates for ingredients under long contracts.

As reported, COVID-19 began affecting US meat plants at the beginning of the spring.

One way pork processors are remedying the problem is by shipping out larger pieces of meat for further processing. As one employee of a food consulting firm explains, “They’re not doing as much because they don’t have the people to do the work.”

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