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While some wedding speeches will leave guests in tears and others will have them in fits of laughter, some are just plain awkward, and for one bride that’s exactly the case with her mom’s speech, and it’s causing some major family drama.

The woman shares that she was initially hesitant to let her mother give a speech at her wedding because of their “strained relationship” but gave in because she came through at her sister’s nuptials. Unfortunately, the bride later found out that the sister’s wedding speech was okay only because the sister had pre-approved it.

Well, this bride lived to regret not doing the same for her mom, because when the speech happened it was pretty brutal. It consisted of a series of insulting jokes about the bride, with the mom pausing for laughter, which she just didn’t get. The speech included jokes about the bride’s looks, how much she makes, and her recently diagnosed chronic illness.

But when the mom started referring to her daughter as “damaged goods” because of a teenage incident, one of the groomsman pulled the microphone from her, and the wedding carried on with guest not letting it ruin the good time. The bride didn’t see her mother again, and later found out that not only had the groomsman taken the mic, but he told her to leave the wedding. Well, as you can imagine that didn’t go over well. I would have been in tears!

The bride says, “I haven’t heard the end of it since,” she shares. “My mom says I humiliated her. My family says that I should have just prepared myself because I ‘know how she is.’ The family is now blasting her for depriving the mother the chance to experience her daughter’s wedding.

Are you kidding me?!?!