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HANMER SPRINGS, NEW ZEALAND - NOVEMBER 14: Large cracks are seen on Highway 7 following a 7.5 magnitude earthquake on November 14, 2016 near Hanmer Springs, New Zealand. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck 20km south-east of Hanmer Springs at 12.02am and triggered tsunami warnings for many coastal areas. (Photo by Matias Delacroix/Getty Images)

After we felt a 5.1 earthquake here in the Carolinas I’m all in on quakes now!

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, Southern Californians ought to buckle up. They say a recent swarm of minor quakes underneath the Salton Sea has increased the possibility of something much stronger within the next week.

Why? The close proximity to the San Andreas Fault, which is about eight miles away. Now, earthquake swarms are not unusual in that area – they happen about every eight years. And while something bigger this way comes, they don’t think it’s “THE” big one.

Researchers say this latest data suggests a temblor of no more than 5-point-4 is coming. There is a chance something bigger could happen, but they believe the risk of that stands at less than two-percent.

Source: US Geological Survey