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Ringo is a fun, outgoing, adolescent dog. He enjoys greeting people and does so with enthusiasm. He is young and will pull and jump as a result, both of which are easily fixed with some simple manners training. -Likes to play outside -Independent, people loving -Likes car rides -Lots of Energy -Enjoys chasing a ball -Treat motivated -Needs toys -Has separation anxiety He can be around dogs in the future if properly introduced but for now, he needs some serious training to learn how to behave around other dogs. He becomes far too excited and this kind of pushy behavior is rude to other dogs. They won't appreciate his enthusiasm. So for now, he has to be the only dog. Name: Ringo ID: A1169111 Age: 2 years Weight: 53 lbs Sex: Neutered Date of Arrival: 6/25/2020 Adoption fee: $10 Vaccinations: Has all required vaccinations Has been microchipped

This is a great idea! Maybe I can use one of these for my son? To limit the spread of coronavirus, visits to nursing homes have been restricted for the last few months, which has left a lot of seniors isolated and lonely. To help combat this, some agencies for the elderly have come up with creative ways to make up for a lack of social contact.

The Alabama Department of Senior Services and state agencies that manage programs for seniors in New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania have started a pilot project that provides lifelike robotic companion pets to the elderly. They’re working with robotic pet manufacturer Ageless Innovation to help get the pets – which look, feel, and sound like real pets – to isolated seniors to bring them comfort.

And it seems to be working. In Alabama and New York, the programs have seen promising results, and participants report feeling less isolated.