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North Carolina Yoga Girl

Yoga is great for the body, but there should be a warning that sometimes it can bring up some major feels. Every once in a while you’ll be in a downward dog position and all of a sudden your heart will start to go off, and emotions start flooding in. Here’s why experts say this happens.

Different positions have different effects. If you’ve been crying a lot on your mat lately, it could be thanks to what poses you’re doing. Yoga instructor Kelly Clifton Turner says “hip openers can be intense while in a prone position, which allows great introspection and release [and] other poses from the ‘heart-openers’ or backbends can bring people to tears.”

Yoga Can Help You Release Tough Feelings. According to yoga instructor Kathryn Budig, “it’s been theorized that unprocessed emotion and fear stores itself in the pelvic region and the surrounding muscles.” So basically, when you do yoga, you’re squeezing all that pain out. Which if it’s true, 2020 has provided a never-ending source of pelvic pains to work out.

How Do You Deal With Intense Emotions In Yoga? Don’t fight the feels, work through them. Turner says, “sitting in discomfort can lead to breakdowns and breakthroughs.” Budig agrees and adds, “it might not be easy or pretty, but a yoga room should be a safe space to process and heal.” And since most yoga rooms nowadays are just our living rooms, why hold back? Have yourself a great stretch and an even better cry.