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Get ready to kiss all those avocados in suburban grocery stores goodbye because the millennials are coming. A new survey has found that while almost all of them have stayed where they are in lockdown, more than one-third of city-dwelling millennials are thinking about packing up and getting out of there next year. Because who needs big city dreams when you’re making big city money and you can pay small town prices?

With 34% of millennials now working remotely, it seems like a lot of our generation is taking advantage of this newfound flexibility and moving to a spot with some better wifi. Maybe somewhere you don’t have to live on top of other people in the age of social distancing.

If mayors want to keep our generation in their jurisdiction, they have quite the uphill battle. Almost half cited COVID-related reasons like no longer being able to enjoy social activities, job or pay cuts, and not wanting to use public transportation as their top reason for wanting to get out of the city. Meanwhile, exactly half said the rent is too damn high, only not in those words. So all city officials need to do to keep millennials around is end the coronavirus and make housing affordable. Shouldn’t take more than a weekend, right?