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Apparently, there’s more to hair than just making us look good and keeping our head warm. According to a new study, if you had access to a laboratory, and a sample of someone’s hair, like a creeperyou’d be able to tell what they eat and how much they’ve got in the bank.

  • Income level. The study found a way to figure out how much you paid for your haircut based on your hairs left on the salon floor. Researchers found that hair from poorer economic areas had more “corn-like isotopes” which means they got their protein from mass-produced, corn fed animals. From there they could determine where the person got their haircut, what they paid for it, and guess how much they were taking home in their paycheck. All that from clumps of hair that your barber just throws out in the trash.
  • Obesity risk. Ehleringer also says that by combining all this data, hair research can help communities address their dieting issues. Meaning they could come to your town, collect a bunch of the hairs from your local barbershops, and give an unbiased review on whether or not you should be eating more vegetables. Spoiler: You should.


Source: Study Finds