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Wow, really? Yep, this goes on in North Carolina! I’ve heard a few talk shows that highlight North Carolina a rehab program using drug offenders as caregivers for elderly and disabled patients. Some folks work more than 80 hours a week without pay, but they’re taking care of patients and dispensing drugs that they were addicted to, according to NPR’s Ari Shapiro with Reveal’s reporter Shoshana Walter regarding her investigation…

I guess companies could use the excuse, it’s not personal, it’s just business or this is our business model of helping others, as they help others. So, check this out, this guy named McGahey, age 23 had a lifelong dream of becoming a star in his reality TV show. He had two kids and outstanding child support debt and got caught buying a stolen horse trailer, then eventually got behind in court fines and some drama went down with his probation officer, which landed him in front of a judge in Oklahoma back in 2010.

Long story short, McGahey got sentenced to this place called a Chicken Farm pulling guts and stray feathers from slaughtered chickens headed to major fast-food restaurants and grocery stores chains. He was supposed to go to a rehab facility, but the judge thought it would be better to send him to the Chicken Farm than prison.

This story and so many others are too long for this blog and more complicated and confusing because the root cause of free labor in the United States is because these judges see fit to put money in the hands of big business and fat cats on the take for free labor. Dang it, it’s a cruel world out there.

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