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Young people went into a frenzy this past weekend, when President Trump threatened to ban Tik Tok. Trump said he wanted to ban the app as early as Saturday, August 1st, but as of now (8/6) the app is still running.

I have definitely been enjoying Tik Tok more and more as reopening continues to keep getting pushed back. It honestly has been my favorite app for a few weeks now, just because it keeps me entertained.

Microsoft is looking to purchase Tik Tok, which would mean the app would no longer be banned in America, but if that purchase falls through… who knows?

A new survey from TruePublic just found out how people are feeling about Tik Tok potentially getting banned, and how interested users would be in replacement apps… and here’s what the results were.

  • 88% of people would rather use TikTok over competitor, Triller
  • 55% of TikTok users plan to join Triller or Byte if TikTok is banned
  • 83% of users aren’t concerned about the Chinese government potentially having their information
  • 49% of Gen Z still prefer Instagram over Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok


What would you do if Tik Tok got banned? I probably would be hesitent to download another app. Ideally, I’d love to put my phone down more, and maybe this would help… But if i’m being honest, I know I would just find another app to waste my time on.