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It’s been a big conversation point for the summer; how schools are planning to reopen with the Coronavirus pandemic still happening.

The state set out guidelines that they recommend but did not mandate a reopening plan, leaving it up to different counties and districts. In Mecklenburg county, the school board voted to do all online, remote learning for the first 9-weeks of school, but other counties around the area and in the state are planning on holding in-person class.

My mom is a teacher in Forsyth county, and was even considering retiring or not going back to work if classes would still be help in person. Many teachers, and parents have serious concerns about how quickly the Coronavirus would spread in a regular school setting, but this new survey shows us just how many teachers are afraid.

The survey found that out of 207 teachers polled, almost 82% did NOT want to open schools for in-person instruction, and just over 18% wanted schools to open.