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The 8 Can’t Wait Pronouncement isn’t a TV series, although it could be. We have enough police body-cam footage and citizen cell phone videos to make at least 5 seasons to air on Netflix, or maybe Hulu or maybe Amazon could produce an original series called The Secret Society of Policing. I wonder what delightful refreshments they serve at those meetings. Let’s get serious because this is a life and death issue.  If you can remember, back in June Charlotte City Council met and approved a form of resolution for adopting “8 Can’t Wait”.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to pick up on the nuances of the outdated slave catching law enforcement institutions, coupled with straight out denial of “nothings wrong” responses, and court systems backing people up all the way to the penitentiary door. Is there some evil wizard feeding decision makers a special drug to keep them sleep and moving on the insane yellow brick road of egregious errors in a world supposedly created by a God? That God thing is for another blog, let me get back to my TV pilot.

If this kind of TV series were made, I guess you could model it after “Watchmen” seen on HBO last year starring Regina King. You’d have to include politically relevant issues, coupled with race and the insane criminal justice system. Unfortunately, there will be no season 2 of “Watchmen” after wrapping up its ninth-episode because creator Damon Lindelof is NOT interested in doing it again. Remember him, he was the co-creator of ABC’s “Lost” who also created HBO’s “The Leftovers.

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