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I don’t think any of us thought quarantine would go on as long as it has, but here we are. And while most alcohol sales have actually been booming during this time, one particular type of alcohol is really struggling.


Champagne sales have dropped an estimated $2 billion for the year, that’s a bout a 1/3 drop in sales. I didn’t really think about this, but a big component in the bad champagne sales are the amount of cancelled weddings and big events this year. It’s estimated  that there are over one billion bottles of champagne now waiting in Champagne cellars.

Because of the horrible sales, there will be a record number of grapes that will be destroyed or sold to distilleries at discounted prices later this year. According to experts, this is the worst spot that the champagne industry has ever been in, and that includes the Great Depression, and both World Wars.

I for one love champagne so I really hope the industry can come back from this. Can you imagine a world without bottomless mimosas?!

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