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It doesn’t require a lot of effort to become an internet sensation overnight. In fact, all you have to do is nothing. That’s exactly what an Indonesian man did and he is now a Youtube superstar.

Muhammad Didit, earlier this month, posted a 2-hour-long clip of himself sitting on a couch and doing nothing but staring into the camera. The video has since received nearly 1.5 million views and has inspired countless memes on Indonesian social media. In fact, ever since Didit’s video went viral, other would-be internet celebrities have been busy imitating him, hoping to also copy his success. You can now find YouTube videos of people doing nothing for four, five, and even eight hours at a time.

2 JAM nggak ngapa-ngapain

2 JAM nggak ngapa-ngapain yah itu dia judul video kali ini ok mungkin saya harus bercerita sedikit tentang alasan Vidio bisa di buat semuanya berawal dari ba...

Source: TribuneNews