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Before you start judging this article and the Strippers in it, just STOP! Women getting “paid” for dancing erotically can be traced back to the Bible, where some interpreters tell us that the daughter of the Jewish Princess Herodias seductively performed the Dance of the Seven Veils to please King Herod during his birthday celebration. I bet if you asked your father or fathers, father about go-go-girls back in the day or coming in contact with professional strippers/dancers within the last 20 years, they might tell you the truth, and say yes!  Which brings me to the strike going on right now in Philly.

We heard from Bamm Rose, CEO, and founder of Stilettos, Inc., who has banded with other exotic dancers to boycott area clubs and the patrons they say mistreat them on a nightly basis. The organization held its first event on June 27 and you can see the full article that Philly Weekly wrote here.

What if you got an eyeful during a stripper protest at Philadelphia’s Malcolm X Park? What if this happened in Charlotte, North Carolina? I bet some of the Strippers would know a lot of folk walking by especially if they protested in front of Bank of America or Wells Fargo as executives walked by. I not here to judge, just to share a blog.


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