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You may have noticed a lot of black-and-white selfies filling up your feed as you scroll through social media. It’s part of a new Instagram trend that has women posting photos of themselves and promoting positivity with the hashtags “#womensupportingwomen” and “#challengeaccepted” and sharing messages of female empowerment, friendship, and confidence.

The idea behind the trend is that the black-and-white images celebrate sisterhood and the women in them nominate friends to take part in the campaign as a way to support each other. And it’s really catching on! Millions of photos have been uploaded with the #challengeaccepted hashtag and an Instagram spokeswoman says usage of the hashtag has doubled in the last day alone.

Lots of celebrities have gotten in on the fun, stars including Kerry Washington, Cindy Crawford, Reese Witherspoon, and Demi Lovato have all posted pics and tagged friends to keep it going. “Thank you to all the magical women in my life for the endless love and support,” Witherspoon posted. “May we all continue to shine a light on one another.”