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Even before the coronavirus there’s been drama when it comes to flying, and where you’re sitting on a plane is one major source of it. Everyone has a preference when it comes to seats, and now one traveler is wondering if they were wrong for being territorial on one of her flights.

The person shares on Reddit’s “Am I The A-Hole” forum that two years ago they were on a flight to visit their family and got an aisle seat, which they prefer because they gets claustrophobic sitting in a window or middle seat. Just as they were all strapped in a mom came over to ask if they would switch with her because her two kids were in the seats next to the OP. The mom had a window seat so the OP declined and needless to say the mom wasn’t happy. The mom then had the nerve to tell the OP that they would have to watch her kids. The OP shares, “I told her I wouldn’t do that, and she should have bought seats together if she was that concerned.”

Now I think the airline company should HAVE to seat families together because this situation sucked for EVERYONE!

The OP says during the flight they weren’t paying attention to the kids, and apparently they got into a big fight and one started crying. The mom came over and screamed at the OP asking them why they didn’t do anything, and the OP reiterated that it wasn’t her responsibility to watch the kids.

Eventually, the flight attendant got someone else in an aisle seat to switch with the mom and the OP took that other person’s seat. The OP says when they told their family about the situation they all told the OP they were wrong for not watching after the kids, but the OP still thinks their right. As for Reddit, opinions were mixed.