Wine. Cheese. Nature. Exercise…four things getting many of us through quarantine. But have no fear, because now you can get that much-needed workout and cool-off with some wine thanks to the MOVO Wine Cruiser!

The MOVO Wine Cruiser includes a built-in fold-out charcuterie board with a utensil holder, an inner-cooler that holds four cans, and a back cooler. This sounds like a dream come true to me.

So here is how you get one. MOVO will be selling their Wine Cruiser online and if you are legal age, you can start your adventure HERE. There are only four bicycles designed for modern vino drinkers available at $8.99 (valid nationwide, except AL, CA,TX, VA, and WV) Why 4? That’s how many beautiful MOVO cans come in a pack. Why 8.99? Roughly the cost of a pack of MOVO. Cute nods to our brand, right? (also this bike selling for $8.99 is a STEAL)

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