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Ohhhh. This is good! There’s a new TV reality show somewhere in this…

A woman shares on Reddit that for the past six months her husband is constantly complaining about how physically demanding his job is, using it as an excuse to get out of doing anything that might help his wife because he’s “too tired.” The wife notes that while the job is demanding, he only works three days a week, while she takes care of the house and works as an Uber driver. She says he recently refused to even take a walk with her which resulted in a “huge blowout.”

So, how did this woman get even? Well, she went down to the job recruitment center and signed up for her husband’s exact job and he is now furious. “All he’s done for the last few days is tell me ‘you’re going to fail,’ ‘it’s going to be too hard for you,’ ‘you’re wasting your time,’ ‘you’re going to end up hurting your back again,’ etc.,” she writes, adding that he also told her not to tell anyone they were married because he doesn’t want to look bad when she quits or gets fired.