Coronavirus Information Report

Risk level 4- Playing for an hour at an outdoor playground - Playgrounds are also open across the country. Make sure to bring PPE for you and your kids and wipe down anything they will be touching.

You learn something new every day. I had no idea that a cluster is when a group has five or more cases.

Another child has tested positive for COVID-19 at a southeast Charlotte daycare. State health officials say that seven children have been infected with the coronavirus at Kindercare Providence. When the cluster was first announced, the daycare was temporarily closed but on the website, it looks like they are back open after being closed for 14 days.

According to North Carolina’s dashboard tracking COVID-19 clusters across the state, Heaven’s Angels Childcare Center in north Charlotte also experienced a coronavirus cluster.

I also didn’t know this: the executive order put into place by Gov. Roy Cooper about wearing a mask exempts children under the age of 11 from wearing masks. Atrium Health Pediatrician Dr. Debbie Chavez-Mitchell does say though, if a child can wear one, they should.

As more clusters pop up in school and daycare settings, the discussion continues for the upcoming school year. Check out Gov. Roy Cooper’s official announcement about the upcoming year.