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Talking with your kids

A lot of people grew up with very strict parents, and apparently many of those parents came up with some weird rules to keep their kids in line. Well, now those kids are sharing those bizarre rules and some are pretty unbelievable.

It all started when Twitter user @The_Dingus_Khan asked children of strict parents to share their weirdest rules, noting that theirs was that they were not “allowed to wear shorts on Sunday” because “it made us too wordy for Jesus.”

Among the other weird rules shared:

  • “If there was something I wanted to go do with friends, I had to give 24 hours notice for them to “think about it” and “talk it over.” Otherwise, it was a blanket “No.”
  • “Barney was magic, magic is evil, Barney = evil so no watching Barney.”
  • “I wasn’t allowed to watch Disney movies or say butt at my dad’s.”
  • “SATAN COMES OUT AT MIDNIGHT! Got that same sh*t. My curfew was always 11 because of that. Even the night I graduated high school.”
  • “I was raised in a cult. No necklaces for men, because they made you gay. No long hair for men, see above rule.”
  • “I couldn’t watch Captain Planet. God created the Earth and it wouldn’t be destroyed by humans. Had to be called by my God-given name. No nicknames. No eating breakfast before everyone gets up. Couldn’t say fart. Had to use fluff or whisper.”
  • “I could have action figures but if they came with guns, all those went into the trash. Absolutely no t-shirts with any kind of print on them or name brand shoes because “I won’t allow you to be a walking billboard.”
  • “My parents would take away my contacts as a punishment.”

Source: Ruin My Week