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PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - MARCH 13: Tourists wear face masks as they walk in the departure hall of the Vaclav Havel International Airport in Prague on March 13, 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic. The government of the Czech Republic has declared a 30-day state of emergency due to the coronavirus outbreak. Czech Ministry of Health has confirmed more than one hundred cases of COVID -19 today in the Czech Republic. (Photo by Gabriel Kuchta/Getty Images)

Can you believe we are still living in quarantine because of coronavirus? I for one did not think this would be going on all the way into July, but here we are… and actually, it’s worse than ever in America.

Now I have plans for November of this year that I’m not even sure will happen… It turns out the answer could be as harmless and easy as just everyone wearing a mask.

Mask mandates have been starting to develop in states across America, including North Carolina.

Now the CDC director says that the US could get coronavirus “under control” in just 4-8 weeks if everyone participates and wears masks.

I don’t quite understand how wearing or not wearing a mask has become a political statement but I am really hoping that for the sake of our country, and all the people still fighting this disease that we can all just suck it up, and wear a MASK! I’m not convinced all of this could be over in just 8 weeks, but if there is hope, I’m willing to do whatever it takes!