Coronavirus Information Report

N.C. Governor Roy Cooper announced this afternoon that for this upcoming ’20-’21 school year K-12 will be a mix of in-person and virtual learning.

After weeks of anticipation for this announcement, three potential plans got released to prepare for COVID-19 in the classroom.

They were:

Plan A: Minimal social distancing – would go into effect if Covid-19 metrics stabilize. Masks & daily screenings would be required

Plan B: Moderate social distancing – would go into effect if Covid-19 metrics get worse. In addition to Plan A requirements – Plan B would also require that schools operate at 50% capacity and implement strict social distancing.

Plan C: Remote learning – would go into effect in response to worsening Covid metrics

Today, Gov. Cooper chose Plan B. N.C. school districts will tailor their plan for local students. They can take additional precautions and implement all virtual learning, but they don’t have the ability to ease restrictions.

“Plan B is the baseline for our state. Districts can choose Plan C, which requires all remote learning,” Cooper said.

All school staff and students will be required to wear masks when in school. Schools will also have to enforce social distancing in classrooms, buses, and other facilities. Students can also opt-in to full-time remote learning.

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