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400963 31: Toy maker Mattel, Inc. featured an extended line of Barbie figures and accessories at the International Toy Fair February 10, 2002 in New York. The new figures emphasized themes of haute couture, Hollywood, and celebrity. (Photo by Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images)

A woman who’s spent nearly $100-thousand on plastic surgery says she can’t get a regular job now. Barbara Luna Sipos is a web model from Budapest, Hungary, who’s dreamed of looking like a real-life Barbie doll since she was a kid. The 22-year-old has had 10 surgeries so far to make her dream come true, but she claims men can’t behave around a “hot girl” like her, so it limits her work opportunities.

Barbara’s first procedure was a boob job she got at 17 and she’s now had two of those, going from a 34B to a 34F. Luckily for her, her ex-husband was also a fan of the Barbie doll look and paid for “almost all” of her surgeries, which include two nose jobs, v-line chin and reduction, a brow lift, a lip lift, lip fillers, a Brazilian butt lift, and “Barbie vagina surgery.”

The Barbie wannabe says she’s much happier now than she was before all the procedures, but her look does keep her from getting a regular job. Barbara says she had to quit her old job because her “charisma drove men crazy” and they were always trying to be sexual with her. But she’s using her appearance to her advantage, explaining, “The most positive thing about my look is that the more dollier I look, the more men are interested in me and I have more opportunities.”

Source: Unilad