While NASCAR vehicles have always been fast, now they’re getting furious.

Cars already locked into the 2020 NASCAR All-Star Race at Bristol Motor Speedway will feature underglow lighting beneath their machines for the July 15th race. The cars participating in next Wednesday’s exhibition night at Bristol Motor Speedway will feature “Fast and Furious”-style underglow lights, illuminating the event with a number of colors, NASCAR announced Thursday.

A choose rule also will be in effect with this new feature. When drivers approach a designated spot on the track, they must commit to the inside or outside lane for the restart. Failure to make a clear choice or changing lanes after the designated spot will result in a tail-of-the-field penalty. Although Chip Ganassi Racing used underglow lights during the 2019 Champion’s Week in Nashville, the Bristol event will mark the first time NASCAR has allowed all competitors in a single event to use them.

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