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Beans have an interesting reputation. Some say they’re a magical fruit. Some say that the more you eat them, the more gas youhave. But there’s apparently also some folks out there who are living their best bean life and eating three square meals of legumes a day.

They call themselves “beanatarians” and they mean beans-ness. According to one Redditor, she thought her boyfriend was joking about making the switch to simply beans but he’s now so committed to the lifestyle that he’s planning on writing a book about it. He apparently eats a variety of beans and cooks them differently each day to keep things interesting, but besides multivitamins, the only thing he’s chomping on is beans. But the question becomes: is nothing, but beans safe?

Runner and filmmaker Beau Miles has experimented with going beanatairan and ate only 191 cans of beans over 40 days to see what would happen. Besides low energy, irritability, and random nosebleeds, he was otherwise “healthy.” But according to Stanford University nutrition consultant Jo Ann Hattner, the bean life is simply not sustainable.

In other words, if you’re thinking of going beanatarian, don’t.

Source: Metro