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MIAMI BEACH, FL - JULY 18: Jeff Baughman bites into his double cheeseburger with a Super Fries and a Super Coke on July 18, 2002 at a McDonalds in Miami Beach, Florida. The health effects of an American diet of super-sized fast foods are becoming apparent as increasing numbers of children and adults are being treated for obesity. Studies seem to point to the fact that many overweight children and adults get a large portion of their calories by consuming too many sodas and sweetened juices and beverages. Sweetened drinks + "super-sized" meals + the convenience of fast food + a decrease in physical activity = a recipe for obesity. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

There’s no doubt the coronavirus quarantine was stressful, and for a lot of people that meant a lot of stress eating, which resulted in them putting on extra pounds. Well, now that we are emerging from lockdown, folks are ready to get their life back on track.

A new survey finds:

  • 76% of those polled say they gained up to 16 pounds during quarantine.
  • 74% of people say that when their daily routine was thrown off it caused them stress.
  • 76% of people say that increased stress resulted in them snacking more.
  • 60% admit their diets were thrown off during self-isolation.
  • 69% said they started snacking more out of a lack of anything to do.
  • 65% have been mostly eating comfort foods during isolation.

But folks aren’t ready to give up and accept the added weight.

  • 63% of respondents say they are focused on getting in shape post-quarantine.
  • 64% are feeling a bigger desire to eat healthier.
  • 63% are prioritizing improving their diet.

Source: SWNS Digital