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HONG KONG, CHINA - FEBRUARY 09: A shoppers wearing face mask pushes a shopping cart in front of an empty shelves inside a grocery store on February 9, 2020 in Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong has 29 confirmed cases of Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), with over 37,500 confirmed cases around the world, the virus has so far claimed over 800 lives.(Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images)

This past Sunday, I went to the grocery store with my father. With the mask mandate being in effect, I wasn’t expecting to see people STILL not wearing face coverings, but sure enough… they weren’t!

Granted, the majority of the people in the store were wearing face coverings but I saw about 5-10 people still not wearing them while I was in the store, which made me very upset, but that’s another story….

Apparently local grocer, Harris Teeter, is not turning away shoppers if they refuse to wear face coverings, but some people feel that they should.

A former employee, who quit after not feeling safe due to Harris Teeter’s decision has created a petition for the company to enforce the mask mandate.

As of now, they’re policy is to approach anyone not wearing a mask in their stores and offer them a disposable mask. However, if they decline, “we must remember and understand that there are many exceptions outlined in the order, and our associates are not authorized nor qualified to ask an individual to present proof that they qualify for an exception,” says a Harris Teeter spokesperson.

I don’t know how I feel about this. I don’t feel like it’s right to kick someone out for not wearing a mask, but I also don’t think we should be putting them in this position. JUST WEAR YOUR MASK! You are putting others at risk if you don’t wear a mask… not yourself.

What do you think?