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Have you ever just wanted to come home after a long day, submerge yourself in a warm bubble bath, sip a glass of wine, and set your mind adrift? Those peaceful, private moments can be so healing to the mind and body. We all know a nice hot bath can soothe aching muscles and leave us with pillow-soft skin. But did you know there are actually scientific benefits to taking a bath?

Scientists say submerging in water can improve the nervous system by reducing pain, inflammation, and lowering stress and anxiety levels. Immersing yourself in water up to your neck is proven to improve lung and heart health. Bathing in warm water can release serotonin – the happiness hormone – and help those with chronic fatigue. Warm water also makes the blood flow easier and while relaxed in a bath you breathe deeper and get more oxygen to your blood.

If it’s still time in your day or night, treat yourself to a luxurious healthful experience! Here are 9 ways to max out the benefits of bathing with natural remedies.

1. Milk – hydrates skin
2. Ginger – fights cold and flu
3. Oatmeal – helps skin irritation
4. Herbs – reduces stress
5. Baking soda – exfoliates the skin
6. Salts – relaxes muscles
7. Apple Cider Vinegar – soothes sunburn
8. Essential oils – relaxes the mind
9. Oils – reduces wrinkles

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