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Everyone wants to make a good first impression when meeting a significant other’s parents for the first time. Well, this woman made certainly made an impression, but we don’t know if you can call it good.

A woman shares on Reddit that after six months of dating she finally went to dinner to meet her boyfriend’s parents, and it didn’t exactly go off without a hitch. She shares that in the weeks before the meeting she got sick and was prescribed medicine that gave her a bad case of gas, noting, “most of the time it’s fine, but others, if I don’t let it out, I’ll be in excruciating pain.”

So, dinner comes and they are having a pleasant conversation when all of a sudden she started feeling cramps, sharing, “so I had no choice but to try to let them out silently and once I started — I couldn’t stop.” She said she didn’t want to step away from the table because they were in the middle of a conversation and thought it would be rude.

The woman claimed that while her farts were “noticeably loud” nobody at the table could tell it was coming from her. That is until her concerned boyfriend pointed it out, and asked her “ “Are you OK? Do you need to use the restroom?” “I couldn’t believe he would embarrass me in front of his family like that,” she wrote. “The rest of the dinner I was quiet from rage.”

Source: Café Mom