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If you’re involved in an auto accident, chances are that you will need a towing company to move your vehicle out of the roadway and delivered to a repair facility. But, car owners beware! Folks posing as tow truck drivers listen to police scanners and arrive  unsolicited, at the scene of an accident and present themselves as an immediate solution to moving your vehicle from the scene.

Seems legit to have a tow truck haul your car away, but you’re probably shaken up by the accident and might agree to the tow without thinking of the consequences and once they get your vehicle on the hook, it may be too late. The result can be thousands of dollars in towing and storage fees before you even get your vehicle back.

Just wanted you to be safe than sorry because there have been some instances around the country where tow operators have become belligerent with auto accident victims who challenge or question their intentions.

Know this Info Before You Tow

  • Never give permission to a tow truck operator who arrives unsolicited to take your vehicle.
    If you or law enforcement did not call a tow truck to the scene, do not deal with that operator.
  • Do not provide tow truck operators with your insurance information.
  • Do not provide tow truck operators with personal lien holder information.
  • Determine that the tow truck signage is identical to what appears on any documentation the tow truck operator provides.
  • If the tow truck does not display signage identifying the name of the tow company, ask for company identification.
  • If a tow operator’s legitimacy is in doubt, call the police.
  • Do not give a tow truck operator permission to tow your vehicle until they at least provide a printed price list, to include daily storage fees and miscellaneous charges that will apply if they tow your car.
  • If the tow prices seem too high, ask police or your insurance company to call a towing service for you.

Lastly, attain printed documentation indicating where the vehicle is being towed if it is not a location of your choosing.

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