Since the coronavirus pandemic began, many are turning to to-go food for dining needs. Not surprisingly, fast-food is usually the preferred option.

A study was done by TOP Data that broke down the top five most popular chains by state. They found that although there were a few frontrunners, the most dominant fast-food chain is Sonic.

They state, “Since mid-March (when the spread of COVID became front-page news) Sonic–known for its 1950’s-esque drive-in style carhop service–has cemented its place as the preferred fast food destination for diners who have ventured outside their home.”

After that, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and McDonald’s are popular faves. They also add that Alaska and Hawaii were not included in their study.

See which five fast-food restaurants you state prefers here; For the number one favorite, view the chart below.

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