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Flags are supposed to bring about unity for human beings.  Well, that’s a misnomer because no one flag has brought about any REAL peace. The only flag I can think of is waving a raggedy piece of white cloth to surrender. I’m no Flag-biologist, but it seems that flags claim property and territory.  Let me jump on another bandwagon, and that’s the mystery surrounding churches who claim to love thy brother. No matter what flag, church, or organization you claim as your own, there’s always a price, either monetary or sweat equity.

Let’s go deep and dark. Remember reading about Rev. Jim Jones from the Jonestown Massacre?  More than 900 people, many of them children of all ages, died in a mass murder-suicide in 1978 when they were instructed to drink a cyanide-laced punch as their cult leader Jim Jones made it a mandatory activity. Why would people follow a lunatic like Rev. Jim Jones? Because those poor people didn’t realize how blind they were, because powerful leaders can hide their moral compass for a little bit but not for long stints of time.

Although Jones’s followers would later be stereotyped as brainwashed, it does make you think, what could you be brainwashed about? Are you serving a fictitious God? Flying a flag that has hurt and pain behind it? Working for a company that can kill people without getting sued? Now and then you have to take stock in your inventory. Who are you associated with that you need to step away from? Or religion or organization that no longer serves you?

This article was not meant to offend anyone, just as a reminder to stay healthy mentally and physically.

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