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341913 02: Actors Brad Pitt and Claire Forlani in a romantic scene from the film "Meet Joe Black." (Photo by Liaison)

The head writer for perennial CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful said the show will be using a blow-up doll as a stand-in for love scenes amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The show is resuming filming this month after shutting down amid the coronavirus outbreak in March. Bradley Bell, the soap’s head writer and executive producer, said measures are being taken to keep the cast and crew safe while making new episodes.

“When we were reviewing the scripts we started taking out all the romantic scenes and [the scripts] just fell flat,” Bell told The New York Post.

“We put our heads together trying to figure out a way to make these scenes work without breaking the eight-foot [distancing] rule… and we brought out a doll we used years ago as a corpse.

“We posed it and it was very convincing,” Bell said. “It’s a great doll and we’ll be using her with hair and makeup as a stand-in to match some of our leading ladies.”

He said the show currently has only the one blow-up doll, but producers might look into obtaining more artificial actors if the shots turn out well.

Link: New York Post