Denali, Alaska/ USA, May 30, 2017: Bus 42 left in the Alaskan forest in 1960s where traveler Christopher McCandless spent his last days before starving to death in 1993. By Olga Khrustaleva/Shutterstock

I get why they did it, but I always wanted to visit it…

If you ever saw the movie “Into the Wild,” you must know it is based on a true story. Chris McCandless took up residence there near Denali National Park and now more than twenty-eight years later it has been removed.

As of Friday, June 19th, 2020 a National Guard helicopter airlifted the abandoned vehicle out of the backcountry. This is due to many accidents that have happened due to individuals searching for the bus, including two individuals who drowned in rivers on their way to or from the bus.

If you are unfamiliar with the bus’ story, in 1992 the bus was inhabited by 24-year-old adventurer Chris McCandless, who eventually died of starvation. His story was turned into a movie in 2007. The Alaska departments of transportation, natural resources, and military and veterans’ affairs were all involved in the operation, which came at the request of the Denali Borough, said Mayor Clay Walker.

The bus had been abandoned since the 1960s, he said and needed to be removed for safety measures. I am curious where the bus will be going…maybe a museum? We shall see.

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