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Keaton Shaheen, who goes by his stage name Keat, is a 24 year old UNC Charlotte alumni who graduated back in 2018. He’s a local artist who, just like all of us, was completely apauled at the video of the murder of George Floyd. “I knew I had to say and do something. It was one of the most horrific videos I’ve ever seen and I felt heaviness on my heart to speak out. Writing lyrics has always been my outlet and my passion, and I often touch on current events in my music. In the past, I’ve written songs and recorded videos about many current events, like the UNC Charlotte shooting and the murder of Alton Sterling for example. I have no problem being vocal when I feel strongly about something, and as a recording artist and songwriter, music is where I turn to do that.”

Check out the full video: 


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We got to ask him some questions (socially distanced aka email of course):

What do you hope people get from your video?

“I hope people feel led to love one another more. I hope people can look beyond the skin color of another person and realize that we are all humans on one planet and there is no ethnicity, nationality, experience or skin color that makes someone superior or inferior. I hope people practice their 1st amendment right to free speech and petition for positive change.”

What does this movement mean to you? 

“Like I said in the video, “I know I’m white, I can’t fully understand. But I stand with you for justice as a human, as a man.” I can’t relate to what the black community is feeling right now because I can’t say I’ve experienced racism or prejudice towards me, but I can use my platform and my voice to push towards positive change. I believe there are two main roads we can take towards change… and that’s through legislation and the human heart. Reform through legislation is already happening and it’s incredible to see. I think more training and more regulations in police departments nationwide is important and necessary, but at the end of the day, it’s our hearts that have to change. We have to educate ourselves and future generations to love one another and see everyone as equal regardless of skin complexion. As a Christian, I believe we are all God’s creation and we are all created equal. I’m looking forward to a brighter future.”


You can keep up with him on social media – @KeatMusic