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CHARLOTTE, NC - MAY 20: Downtown Charlotte serves as a back drop for the band Switchfoot during the Rev'UP concert on May 20, 20010, in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Mary Ann Chastain/Getty Images for NASCAR)

As many millennials move out of state, some parts of the country have become more popular spots for their relocation.

In it’s fourth annual study, SmartAsset analyzed the most recently available Cencus Bureau (2018) on migration patterns of people between the ages of 25-39 to uncover the cities and states where millennials are moving.

Charlotte…ranked the #5 most popular city where millennials are moving!

In 2018, roughly 13,246 millennials moved to Charlotte from a different state. With about 9,428 millennials moving out of Charlotte to a different state, there was a net migration of about 3,808.

I guess I wouldn’t be considered part of this study, but I did move to Charlotte from a different city, and I know a lot of other NC residents who have moved to Charlotte too as millennials…so the study checks out haha. Especially because SmartAsset found that the entire state of North Carolina is a popular place for millennials to relocate in general. Out of all 5 states, NC saw the 7th highest net migration of millennials in 2018.

The full report can be found here!


Source: SmartAsset