Three NYPD officers were recently hospitalized after visiting a Shake Shack in lower Manhattan. Per the New York Post, they fell ill after drinking milkshakes that they believe may have been spiked with bleach. “The officers immediately noticed a funny taste when they sipped the drinks from the chain’s location.”

The officers were taken to the hospital, the NYPD’s Crime Scene Unit launched an immediate investigation at the restaurant. Gothamist reports that “multiple police unions accused Manhattan Shake Shack employees of deliberately poisoning their milkshakes.”

Shake Shack was cooperative with the investigation. On Twitter,  they wrote, “We are horrified by the reports of police officers injured at our 200 Broadway Shack in Manhattan. We are working with the police in their investigation right now.”

When the investigation concluded, NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison confirmed that Shake Shack was in the clear. On social media, he stated, “After a thorough investigation by the NYPD’s Manhattan South investigators, it has been determined that there was no criminality by shake shack’s employees.”


After the incident, the Police Benevolent Association tweeted a warning letter to officers over the situation. In it, then say, “At some point during their meal period, the MOS discovered that a toxic substance, believed to be bleach, had been placed in their beverages.”

They added, “When New York City police officers cannot even take [sic] meal without coming under attack, it is clear that environment in which we work has deteriorated to a critical level. We cannot afford to let our guard down for even a moment.”