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The website The Single Theory has gathered together some of the worst gifts women received from their ex-boyfriends, and when you hear them you’ll probably understand why they are exes.

Bad gifts include:

  • “I merely mentioned I wanted a Scrub Daddy after watching Shark Tank one day. I bought him an iPad for his birthday several months before. I got a Scrub Daddy.”
  • “I told my ex of 2 years I wanted UGG slippers for Christmas. He bought me the kind you can buy at a drug store and said, ‘These are pretty much the same thing, but so much cheaper!’ They weren’t even my size.”
  • “I was dating my ex for 8 months. We were going on a date the night before we both went home for Christmas. I bought a cashmere sweater for him to open. He got me nothing but said ‘I am going to pay for dinner tonight. It will be your Christmas present.”
  • “I got a $60 parking ticket when I borrowed my ex-boyfriend’s car. He paid it and said we could be ‘even’ for my birthday present.”
  • “A spa gift card for $100 that was filled out and dated two years before we even met.”
  • “My boyfriend of six months told me he wanted a PlayStation for Christmas and I told him I wanted a new purse. He got the PlayStation. I got a waffle maker. Then I found out he won said waffle maker from a raffle his company had.”