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MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA - MARCH 23: Robert "Raven" Kraft is joined by other runners on the back beach in Lummus Park on March 23, 2020 in Miami Beach, Florida. Kraft, who has run every day on Miami Beach since January 1, 1975, continues to run eight miles daily despite the dangers that the COIVD-19 epidemic presents. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

It’s understandable that plenty of folks are still concerned about contracting the coronavirus by going to stores and restaurants. But how risky is it really for all of us to start resuming our normal lives?

Over the weekend I decided to take a venture into public. I’ve been strictly following all quarantine guidelines but this weekend I wanted to begin to transition back into some normalcy. I went to Romare Bearden park in Uptown where I can confirm that many people are not taking the pandemic seriously. The lack of masks and social distancing was commonplace.

I found a survey that ranked activities based on a risk scale of 1 to ten, and here are some of the most and least risky activities out there:

  • Bars and large concerts – 9
  • Sports stadiums, gyms, amusement parks, churches and buffets – 8
  • Public pools – 7
  • Movie theaters, hair salons and barbershops – 6
  • Planes, beaches, bowling alleys and backyard BBQs – 5
  • Busy city sidewalks and dentist offices – 4
  • Libraries/museums, grocery stores, hotels and golf courses – 3
  • Pumping gas, walking/running and biking – 3
  • Restaurant takeout and tennis – 1

Source: New York Post