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Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels

We all know someone like this…someone polite and charismatic and almost hypnotic when they turn their attention to you. They are pleasant and positive and possess a magnetic quality. We love being near these people. They make us feel good. Or maybe you are that delightful person everyone loves to be around?

Here are 7 signs if you’re an exceptionally charming person.
1. You make people happy.
Charming people always see the positives in people. They never miss an opportunity to make people feel good about themselves with genuine compliments.
2. You Are a Good listener
If you are a charmer you really listen to what people say and appreciate their perspective and feelings. Charming people are kind and attentive without expecting anything in return. They understand there is something to learn from everyone.
3. You easily Express yourself
Charming people pull focus everywhere they go because they are engaging and can easily express themselves. They have a great sense of humor and a winning smile. They are usually the life of the party.
4. You use the power of touch
Touch can be used to show openness and bond with other. If you can read people and have a good sense of their openness to touch use it to bridge the gap and make others feel appreciated and included.
5. You remember the little things
Charmers remember names and small details about people even if they only met them once or have known them for a short while. This make people feel special and worthy of being remembered.
6. Are you open minded?
People with charming personalities are open minded and try to see things from others’ point of view. They are not easily offended by others’ opinions.
7. You show your quirks
People who don’t admit their flaws can be intimidating not to mention unrealistic. Charming people are comfortable with themselves and their shortcomings and are not afraid to admit it.

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