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Photo by Raina Alhamed from Pexels

It’s time again for the Francene Marie cocktail hour! So, raise your glasses to this dazzling drink inspired by Francene Marie herself! It’s bubbly, effervescent and full of charm…it’s cranberry champagne punch! I LOVE this drink. One, because it looks gorgeous in a glass and two…because its delightfully sweet. You only need 6 ingredients to make it. It’s perfect for binge watching Netflix on a quiet night or for impressing guest with your artful mixology skills.
This is what you’ll need:
1. Fresh Cranberries and pineapple (or strawberries)
2. Cranberry Juice
3. Pineapple Juice
4. Champagne
5. Triple Sec
6. Vodka
Get creative it you need to and use a champagne you love! Let us know what you think! Today would be a great day for some Cranberry Champagne Punch! Even a cold virgin version sounds good! Ebony Elizabeth, you’re too sweet for always supplying me with cocktail recipes that I can alter to my taste buds.

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