Social distancing has a lot of us thinking of different ways to get outside and be active. Fishing has grown in popularity because you don’t need anyone else with you to drop a line into the water. And good luck finding a bicycle in a store these days!

Kayaking is another good outdoor activity that’s compatible with social distancing. My family and I have enjoyed many kayak outings here in the Carolinas and even in Puerto Rico last year. It’s a great way to work some muscles while seeing nature.

If you’d like to give kayaking a try, you can get started with anĀ Intro to Kayaking class at the Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill this Wednesday (6/10) at 6:30 PM. You’ll learn all the basics of paddling a kayak on Lake Haigler (2573 Lake Haigler Drive). Registration is $30 and you can see the rest of the details HERE.

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