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In addition to there being a recommended worker for just ringing up drink orders, "At a self-service restaurant or concession stand, the number of counter staff should be limited consistent with social distancing. Workers should place food and beverages on the table, counter, or other surface rather than handing purchases directly to patrons...Bartenders should model safe behavior by wearing a face covering and gloves when they are behind the bar...Patrons should hold their own identification for bartender inspection. If a worker must handle a patron’s ID, the worker should then dispose of their gloves and wash their hands before resuming service."

Guy sees a girl he’s interested in across the bar. Guy offers to buy a girl a drink as a way to talk to her. It’s a classic rom-com setup, but in this case, the girl’s order makes the guy change his mind. A 23-year-old man shared his story on Reddit, explaining that after dancing with and talking to a “really hot girl,” they went to the bar, he ordered a beer and told the bartender to give her “whatever she wants.” And she took that literally!

Instead of ordering a drink for herself, this girl ordered four shots … of 1942 Don Julio Tequila. That stuff goes for $75 a shot and she got extras for her friends. But this guy wasn’t cool with that and when the bartender returned, he gave him $10 for his beer and tip, then walked away. He says she was angry and “yelling the normal insults” and you’d think that would be the end of the story, but the plot takes a twist here. It turns out, his mom works with this girl! They got to talking and the girl tells his mom what happened and then his mom calls and tells him he was wrong to do that and to send the girl $325 to cover the four drinks plus tip.

What do you think? Did he do the right thing or is he a complete jerk?