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Oh, this is good! A UK woman, who broke up with her fiancé after he admitted he cheated on her, was dreading the day they were supposed to tie the knot. Cherie Blanchard-Wood called off her wedding when he confessed to sleeping with another woman back in November – and felt good about her decision – but was feeling understandably wonky as her would-be wedding day approached. Lucky for Cherie, her friends were there to help her get through it…and give her the last laugh.

Cherie says she woke up that day feeling down and shared her feelings in a Facebook post. “I should be sipping champagne looking at the sea, getting ready for my wedding,” she wrote. “But instead I’m in my back garden, looking at my hot tub, sipping tea.” And not long after that some of her besties surprised her by showing up to cheer her up.

Her friends arrived with flowers, Prosecco, and a sign reading: “Lockdown 2020 didn’t stop my wedding, his willy did!” It made her laugh, and she says she felt “amazing” after seeing her BFFs. And when she shared it online, her mood was boosted even more. “People were commenting saying how funny and brilliant it was,” Cherie says. “It did make me feel so much better.”