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Photo from Pixabay of Law Enforcement

This is pretty old news, but around in 2015 California Police Chief Randall Smith made $457,000 and the City Manager went from making $300,000 to $787,637 per year. Yes, a ballot measure passed with no one opposing it and for 5 years these fat-daddies were making more than the average Sheriff or Police Chief in the United States who have a salary ranging  $108,862 as of 2020. Under normal situations, their salary is between $102,781 and $115,466.

If you’re thinking about becoming a cop in California they’re averaging around $100,000 salaries. In Charlotte, North Carolina, cops make around $31 an hour, but some salaries range from $55,000 or 56,000 a year. After interviewing the Charlotte North Carolina Deputy Police Chief, it seems they need more cops. Good luck with that CMPD.


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