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Grocery Shopping

Coronavirus is still a very real concern as the case numbers continue to increase in Mecklenburg county, and in North Carolina. You’ve probably noticed grocery stores taking measures to protect their employees, and customers during these times.

Personally, these are just a few of the things I’ve noticed in stores:

  • plexiglass at the registers
  • employees disinfecting carts after each use
  • masks being worn by employees
  • organized one-way shopping traffic

Well, a new survey just came out that has ranked which grocery stores people feel are doing the best job at taking safety precautions, and these are the results.

1.) Whole Foods

2.) Costco

3.) Trader Joes

I feel like overall, most of the businesses I’ve been to have done a really great job at trying to protect their customers, and employees. And with no signs of this virus slowing down, that definitely makes me feel more comfortable.