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Being pregnant and carrying a baby changes your body. I can tell you that first hand! Lots of us work hard to accept our new post-baby bodies and feel good about ourselves and having people around who love and support us helps. But when one mom rocked a swimsuit at a family pool party seven months after giving birth, she was criticized and called out by her husband instead. And he doesn’t get that he was out of line. I would have lost it!

In a post on Reddit’s Am I the A**hole section, he writes in asking if he’s wrong for objecting to his wife wearing a bikini in a photo. He explains that his wife came out to the pool in her bikini and that it got “awkward” when his family saw her “still pregnant looking stomach” and “very wrinkled and leathery looking skin.”

His mom pulled him aside to say it’s “tacky” for a 40-year-old woman to wear a bikini and his 15-year-old daughter was snapping photos for social media and got upset that people would see a “saggy” female body. So the guy asks his wife to change into a one-piece or regular clothes and as you can imagine, she was pretty upset by that.

The husband writes that she flipped out and “made a general scene” and “stormed off” after bringing up that he previously suggested she get a tummy tuck. Now she’s staying in the baby’s room and is “ignoring him.

Pretty much everyone agrees he is indeed the a**hole here and that there’s nothing wrong with his wife’s body. People called him “incredibly disrespectful”. I’d say so!