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Talk about a twist of events! As you know I was a huge fan of Tiger King. To be clear, not a fan of what everyone’s doing to Tigers, but the absurdness of Joe and his entire “village” of employees. Well, Joe’s zoo is now the property of his longtime rival. An Oklahoma judge awarded the zoo to big cat rights activist Carole Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue Corporation yesterday.

Baskin will now control the 16-acre property that’s home to an animal park with a variety of big cats an hour south of Oklahoma City. Baskin and Exotic feuded for years before he was convicted last year in a plot to have Baskin murdered.

I find this ruling so strange because through the documentary and on social media Carole Baskin never seems like she wants the actual zoo. She just wants to rescue his animals, by putting the locked up tigers in her zoo. It doesn’t seem like a better plan, but I wonder if she will sell off his land and just take the animals. He’s serving a 22-year prison term for the attempted hit and other crimes, including animal abuse.

It turns out, Joe transferred the property to his mom and Jeff Lowe to avoid Baskin getting it in a lawsuit. Lowe has 120 days to pack up his animals and stuff. He had just re-opened the facility last month and called it Tiger King Park.

Source: TMZ