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LAKE MEAD NATIONAL RECREATION AREA, NV - AUGUST 03: Ants climb on a dead Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion on August 3, 2015 in the ghost town of St. Thomas in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada. The town was founded in 1865 by Mormon pioneers at the site where the Muddy River flowed into the Colorado River and at one point had about 500 settlers. The town was abandoned in 1938 after the construction of the Hoover Dam caused the Colorado River to rise. The area was once submerged in 60 feet of water but became entirely exposed to the air as a severe drought in the Western United States over the last 15 years has caused Lake Mead to drop to historic low levels. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

A British couple is still confused after finding a deadly scorpion in their groceries.

The two say they were unpacking their grocery bags when they spotted the scorpion in a bunch of bananas. Though it appeared dead at first, they realized it was alive and opted to keep it as a pet.

They even named it Simon. That lovely feeling quickly faded as “Simon” got out of it’s enclosure and scurried away on their bedroom floor. They caught it in a jar before anyone was hurt.

The pair later discovered it was actually a bark scorpion native to Florida, whose sting can cause cardiac arrest or even death. Now, the bark scorpion is staying at the Surrey and Hampshire Reptile Rescue. No word on how it ended up overseas.

Source: Yahoo